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In our lives many kinds of pet are already recognized as another family and are loved by many people. As time passes, numbers of households raising pets are increasing and now new industry related to pets became one of big markets. After all, pets coexisting with people are establishing themselves as a companion.

Companion animals are no longer pets but positioned as companions of people. And in Korea, more than 10 million people are living with pets.

For this reason, the living space of humans is shared with a companion animal. Between humans’ and pets’ living space, ’ the furniture’ took the largest and the most important position.

We would like to use ‘the furniture’ as a tool to share emotions and feelings with pets. This Cat Tunnel Sofa is to communicate and share feelings with a cat.

The “Cat tunnel sofa” is at the level of concept now and it was a collaborative project with Korean designer Yongjeh Park and Kangkyoung Lee.

Cat tunnel sofa is designed for a cat and the owner of the cat. After analyzing and observing cats’ habits and behaviors through experts’ opinion and sufficient research, we designed the structure and shape of the sofa to be fully in harmony with.

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